Maybe Oin This For The Time Being?

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Hey Beluga, I wonder if this link I stole from someone is worth maybe pinning for awhile? It tells you how to recover from a SP-2 install that has hosed your system.....Hahahahaha........the fact that it exists tells you M$ is aware of some lingering problems.......anyway take a look at it if you wish......

How to use the Automatic Recovery feature to recover your computer if the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Setup program is not completed successfully

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Hey il wiccan,

Great link that will help a lot of people I'm sure. Make sure to keep that one around. I'll see where I can pin it and then will do so. If you find any other links that are good and about SP2 let me know so I can make a whole pinned thread about SP2 with all the links.



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Have it installed on two of mine. One of the first to take the plung when the IT version went gold. Put it on my test machine, Than on my main and backup PCs. (I never count my test maching, you should see what i put the poor thing through, LOL). Not a single problem.

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