The Eq T-shirt

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ahh man. My last PC Gamer had a glock .45 alarm. It fires a .45 round at the set time and keeps firng one every coupla minutes until you turn it off or the magazine empties. I think you are supposed to load it with blanks.

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Re: Loud alarms. I can't stand 'em. In school I had a Big Ben alarm and I wound up throwing it out the window. My current clock beeps meekly, and even then I put tape over the speaker to quiet it even more (others have asked me how it could possibly wake me, I STILL wake up with my heart racing).

Re: Vented mouse. That's what I saw, the vented gamepad. The mouse-mod was actually pretty good.

Re: Washing instructions for the EQ shirt. Buy one and let us know what the tag says. :D

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