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Just thought I let some of the old friends from TTV and G4 here know whats been happening.

:rolleyes::D:P The best news is that my oldest son doesn't have to make anymore midnight runs for pickles and ice cream. He's the proud father of his first child and I'm a proud first time grandpa. 10 August 04. 8lbs 7oz, blond hair, blue eyed Boy. All doing fine and falling into the new routine.

Second, as some may remember that I was going to start back to college for computers. Went to summer school this summer and took a refresher course in Reading and Writing along with a basic Computer Course. Never had to read so many novels and write so many papers before in my life. But I aced the course and really enjoyed that course. First time I ever liked doing any course that resembled anything in that area. I feel that I actually learned something from it.

As for the computer course, I picked up a few things, but mostly just got practice in doing different operations on my computer, which I badly needed.

I started the fall semester on the 23rd of this month. Too soon to tell how I will do, but I will have my hands full. Taking nothing but computer courses at present time.

A programming course, a programming logic, a business data communication and a LAN wiring/cabling. Lots of terms to learn and lots of lab time on the computer.

So, if you don't see me a posting a lot, you'll know the reason.

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Congrats ! That's great news. Also congrats on going back to school as you'll do fine. I almost thought about going to school for computers, but computer science scares the hell out of me Lol. Back when I was in broadcast school I had to take a test for the F.C.C. elements 1, 2, & 9 which was calculus. I failed the first test but they let me take it over again and passed. I almost thought I was not going to graduate Lol. but I did. Their were days I asked myself what the hell did I get myself into ? The drop out rate was high at the broadcast school I went to. I was ready to quit after the second week. My instructor talked me out of it though. I was told to wait 4 weeks before making that decision. Glad I did because I never wanted to quit after that. Lots & lots of hard work paid off. I am living proof, if I can make it threw school anybody can. So hang in their when the tough gets going. Show up the younger ones. You'll relly love graduation day. Anyhow I wish you all the luck, best to ya.

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Let me add my congrats on being a grandfather. It's even better than being a dad as you can spoil them rotten and then give them back. My grandson started school on Thursday.


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