I Want To Trade 1 Gig Ram For 2x 512mb Ram

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this is going to make me sound like a total newbie idiot but basically i got a super sweet deal on a 1 Gig RAM card for my computer but it turns out that my computer can't use 1 Gig cards. i've still got 2 open Ram slots so instead I am willing to trade my 1 Gig Ram card for two 512mb Ram cards.

the 512 card needs to need to be 184pin and can be pc2100 or better (like a pc3200 will work aswell) of course. so to clerify i have a 1Gig pc2700 and need two 512mb pc2100

here is the specs on the 1 Gig RAM cards


High Density 184 pin

Chip Configuration: 128M x 64

Chip Density: 128x4

1024MB (1GB) DIMM

PC2700 333Mhz DDR Memory

(Backwards Compatible with PC2100)

Unbuffered, Non Ecc, Non Registered

Voltage: 2.5V CAS Latency: 3

here is a hi res pic of the memory



you can either PM through BestTechie or an email Via the board email or post here of course. and i would really like to find someone that is local or as close as denver so that they are with in driving distance. well here's hoping.

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