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ive changed the subject line

and through tinypics ive sustituted the image

sorry bout that

i thought i cauld just copy and paste

and discovered i should have asked the board

in the first place

as i havent used tiny pics before

it is a new experience for me

cuzzy bill sends me a lot of these images

so i know how to send them to the board

again sorry for the mistake


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thanks xxkbxx

i appreciate that

i installed tinypics

the problem

now is ive lost the original image

which i was going to post

i emailed cuzzy bill

but he has deleted it

so i have try and substitute it

i have one here

but im not sure if im allowed to post it

it isnt rude but some posters may see it like that

thanks again

how do i delete the heading

ile substitute the pic


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with appologies to al females

i wandered if all woman

used this method to rest their golf club

it saves putting it in the golf bag after every shot

incedently this girl is becoming a force

in womans world golf

who ever took that pic

has beamed it round the world

in a way i feel sorry for the girl

how ever

this happens to world famous people

so it goes with the territory


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