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I have found nothing during my 5+year search of any free software for what you and I want to do. Most of what I found was inadequate or crippled. I rely on my skills learned in high school drafting classes 35 years ago to draw my plans. I can do a far better job myself than with the so called free/free trial software offered on the net. For decent software expect to pay about $200 and up. Broderbund, Punch and Better Homes and Garden offer some of the best programs.

This page contains some useful info on the paid programs. I get warned about a script when first visiting. I just click not to allow it to run.


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I have to second that, no freeware or shareware drafting software is worth the price (and it's FREE). I am none too happy with commercial software from Broderbund nor others I've tried (though Broderbund is relatively inexpensive so you might want to start there to see if it suits your needs).

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I have a program ..expert home design for windows, version 1.1.. that does a good job on drafting. it is less than 1 Mb. it is what I use for drawing my remodel or home building plans. with a little imagination you can get the measurements to1\4". this is an old win 3.1 program but it works with wnime. look for it on ebay. not free but maybe $5.

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Dose any one know where some free drafinting and/or landscapping softwear is. I dont need nothing to fansy. Just somethign to design a house with, and yard.

You can try for these 3 softwares :

1. CAD 2008 Smart-Free for personal use (Not for the novice. Some AutoCAD experience helpful)*

2. Easy Facility Planning Software (This is actually SmartDraw. Limited in what it can do.)*

3. Archiwindow 2.0 (Quoting software for windows and doors)*

[Removed spam drivel about freelancer.com now owned by getafreelancer.com] -TT75-

* Other edits by me

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