The Japanese Are Crazy!

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I dont mean to sound racist which i am not.

But this video clip made me rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. oh, it was soo soooo soooooo funny. You got to really watch the clip, after that you can watch more of the clip in that site. i got to tell you, this is VERY FUNNY prank i ever seen.

Japan House Prank

I got to lay down right now, it so hillarious, i have a red face right now. WHEW got to rest now, very hillarious

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Changed the link because the website failed to redirect into a proper address

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any one know why i cant

access the link i get a

error page


they changed their address. it used to be but now it When the website see japs, it convert in to "japanese" and redirect but ended up a problem, they failed to redirect it correctly with a complete address.

Here the correct link,

There a note saying that they feel the term "japs" is consider insulting. so they change to "japanese" to be more polite. you know Japanese tend to have a polite manner, very respective and polite manner.

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it's not that it is impolite but rather it is demening. That's what the Americans called the Japanese in WWII and I for one thought the websites name very wrong. Still funny though.

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