Article: Salute Australia!

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i have a different opinion of oz

it is a right wing

take over small countrys with their big biz

ask the indonesian miners

eight thousand have died in the mines

not protected by the safety laws

and last it is one of the most racial countrys in the world

ask the abiroginese

if you are talking about being war mongers

i agree


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hi all

ive had a slight medic problem

my heart didnt quite function properly

but im on medication

and every thing is stable now

im reluctant to post about my health problems

but it feels good to be back

more so on this board

as i love you all

but ile be here often now

thanks for your concern

take care you two girls


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Oh, how scary, Marty and I'm glad you're "back in business"! You have too big of a heart for it to be misbehaving. We love you, too! Take your medicine and do what the doctor tells you, we want you running amuck with us for a long, long time.


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  • 2 weeks later...

it wouldnt let me load it...........................

here what it says:

You are not authorized to view this page

You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

Please try the following:

* Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.

* Click the Refresh button to try again with different credentials.

HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Technical Information (for support personnel)

* Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 403.

* Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr), and search for topics titled About Security, Authentication, and About Custom Error Messages.

ive never seen this before......................

what does it mean besides i cxant see it?

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I was able to read it originally, but just now I got the same message, Joe. Wonder if it was a "short term article", like Newspaper Websites have?? At any rate, you're not alone!


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Townhall just did a major revamping of their site (and it loads like they're on dialup, what dummies!). I'd guess the article is archived somewhere, when I have time I'll find the new location.


Had the time, it's been corrected. Loads slow though!

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