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Whats up people

well heres my issue

Ok, you know about my motherboard right, well, I bought a new one, and everything is working now.

But, now, I put my computer on the carpet without the side panel.

Just wondering, is it safe? Like, I heard if you put like your mobo on the carpet it can be effected by static electircity and stuff (not an expert on this).

Well, ya it's protected by the case of course, just I don't leave the side panel.

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well you know that depends on the material the carpet is made of and the humidity but I wouldn't worry too much about it. just don't go handling any of the patrs inside. don't be stupid like me. I changed out a drive the other day ignoring that the computer was still on. no harm done.

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Ahhh, I don't know much about tech, but I sold carpeting! :thumbsup: With todays manmade materials, static electricity is greatly reduced (wool carpeting was the real static culprit) Olefin carpets (commercial grade and many berbers) are almost static free.

My concern with the tower being placed on carpet would be dust.


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No, leaving your case on the carpet won't do a thing. There's no mechanism there to build up a charge and even if there was it would be conducted through the case. You could use your computer case as a carpet skate if your wanted to as long as the PSU was connected to an outlet that was properly grounded. An actual arc would produce RF noise which isn't something you'd want to invite, but it's not something that'll damage components.

That's speaking on the edge of extremes though. Leave it on the carpet - it's fine.

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As CC stated you won't have a problem with static because the computer should be grounded through your power outlet. The only thing I would keep an eye on is dust buildup from your dirty carpet seeing as the side cover is off. Stay on top of cleaning the dust out.

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