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I am currently trying to visit and everyone i know is able to get to the site. However when i attempt to go to the site, i get a "server not found".

I've directly connected my laptop to my connection, and I recieve the same issue.

I have also restarted my cable modem.

Is this something i'd have to call Charter about?

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it may be a site that is blocked by your ISP. Like bubba said, you're not missing much by not getting to it. from what I am seeing two steps have to be done for you to "make money" on it. refer people daily, and complete offers from their partner companies. Generally you are paying more money out doing this then you are bringing in.

your choice, but I would recommend avoiding that site like you would the plague.

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any reason why my isp would block this site?

that question you should ask your ISP.....

called and they "dont filter for any reason"

talked to the server admin again, and he said its a DNS issue (since i have zero knowledge in networking i am like YAAAAAAAAA)

well he had me MANUALLY enter a DNS #, instead of it getting one automatically and the site works now.

I am still reading up on my tech stuff, but after this i think im going to shift a little more time into network reading

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