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... Rocket... yeah!

"Rocket Lyrics"... by Def Leppard...

White lights, strange city, mad music

(All around)

Midnight, street magic, (ah) crazy people

(Crazy sound)

Jack Flash, rocket man

Sergeant Pepper and the band

Ziggy, Benny and the Jets

Ah, take a rocket

We just gotta fly

(I can take you through the center of the dark)

We're gonna fly

(On a collision course to crash into my heart)

I will be your, I will be your, I'll be your

(Rocket yeah satellite of love)

(Rocket yeah satellite of love)

(Rocket yeah satellite of love)

Rocket baby!

C'mon, I'll be your satellite of love

Spotlight, magnetic, razor rhythm

(laser love)

Guitar, drums, load up, stun!

Jet Black Johnny B

Ah Gene Jenie, Killer Queen

Dizzy Lizzy Major Tom

So c'mon

Rocket baby!

C'mon, we're gonna fly

(Rocket yeah!)

Guitar, drums, load up!

We're gonna fly

(Rocket yeah)

Satellite of love

We're gonna fly

(Rocket yeah)


Satellite of love

Rocket yeah!

note: never could figure out what they were singing here: "satellite of love" :P

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Sheffield................................home of Def Leppard, was also my home for 6 years in the 70's. Great city

Robroy gives pandy a big hug and says its about time she posted here again (heh)

robroy waves at Snyper over on the emerald isle

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