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Hi all.

I'm running XP Pro SP1 Athlon 1.3ghz with 512mb RAM and IE6.

Lately when I surf to certain sites, my IE window will freeze and I must end the program and start over. This doesn't happen on every site; but it seems to be happening more frequently now.

I've scanned for spyware, viruses, etc. All clean.

I've been told IE may be corrupt and I should do a repair and/or reinstall of XP.

I don't have the XP CD anymore.

I was wondering, if I updated to XP SP2 (via Windows Update), would this correct the problem? Or is there another possible solution for this?

Any help is appreciated.


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I think you may want to find the disk. Installing SP2 should have been done quite awhile ago. It may fix the problem or cause more problems. Without the XP CD you won't be able to repair your install if something goes wrong.

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I've done IE repair installs without needing the original disk, the necessary files were in a folder on my drive (the default installation of the OS on my machine included this folder). You may have this too. Try the repair, your OS may already know where to look on your drive for any needed files.

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