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We're playing this game at school called Juggernaut. Basically, it's an assassin like game where people pay 2 dollars to join and a 3rd party draws names randomly that each person must "assassinate" by hitting with a squirt gun. The names are delivered in envelopes to keep them confidential - but word gets around fast. Also, a big rule, you CAN'T get people at school - only outside of school (such as their home, work, the mall, ect.) The winner gets $100 (from the pool of money)

School year is ending and I have free time - so I created a page (from $10 of the pool money!) on Frontpage. Just has some music, and basic HTML. People also send in the pics to have them changed to something better. As people are elliminated, their picture will have a red X on it.

Plus 800 hits already!!! (that's why I added the banner for my workplace :))

The Site!

Also - the music is by request so sorry for the rap music (that's what it is at the time of posting, I change it every 6 hours or so)

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