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Alright. I'm in the process of building a new computer. I plan on using it for everyday tasks and alittle gaming everynow and then. (Example: Age of Empire 3, Call of Duty 2, and Half-Life 2). I don't need to play them at max settings, but I don't want it looking choppy. Now here is the thing that gets me. I'm wanting the best bang for the buck pretty much spend as little money as possible, but making it worthwhile. Here are the parts that I've picked out. (I plan on using my old hard drives to save alittle money).

CPU (I plan on overclocking alittle)



Optical Drive

Video Card


I have a tight budget of only $500. Also here is something that I'm fighting with. I might be able to fork out alittle more money (maybe) to possible get either a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or go ahead and buy 1GB of memory now as opposed to later on. Would it maybe worth it? Thank you for reading all of this and I'm open to any suggestions.

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Get a real motherboard, not a Biostar. Also, don't waste your time overclocking, cause if you can afford to buy a new CPU one you've burned it up by gambling with a low-rate board and stock heatsink, you could have purchased a much better processor in the first place

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I am a fan of ASUS boards, they come with a three year warrenty. This one seems decent

edit added later//

The board above is a full atx, it probably will not fit in the case you want. None the less, i would still find a similar asus.

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Best bang for the buck system right now:

Anything less than that isn't worth the money, this system with duel channel LL 2x 1GB, a duel core 3800+ x2, a great value for a video card, quality motherboard and a real good PSU makes a great system.

Will play new games flawlessly on pretty high settings for a while.

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