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Hello guys,

There seems to be another problem with my netscape, from my shortcut i cannot get started straight away, once i click on it there will be an icon that says:

Configuration warning

An error occurred reading the startup configuration file.Please contact your administrator. prefs.js,line46 syntaxError:illegal character.

Then i have to click on the cancel button and a netscape registeration page pops up and i have to click cancel again to get to the netscape home page.Why is this happening? Please advise me on what to do with this problem,thank you very much.



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Well, first off I don't really recommend Netscape anymore. I would recommend you get either Mozilla or Firefox (which is made by the Mozilla people). If you want to keep Netscape try these two things, and see if they fix the problem. First reboot the machine, and then try. If that doesn't work then try uninstalling Netscape and then reinstalling Netscape.

Here are links to Mozilla and Firefox if you are interested.



Hope that helps


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Hey guys,

Firstly i really have to thank you for giving all the suggestions, i tried the firefox but there doesn't seem to have a home page,and when i tried to reboot and install netscape again it didn't help either.Wonder what went wrong? Please give me some more advice,thanks again. :rolleyes:

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What do you mean it doesn't have a home page? Like you don't know how to set it to lets say or something like that? What does the home page you have now say? I think you just need to set it to the home page you want. Also, as of Netscape I highly recommend that you don't use it. The reason is because Netscape is no longing being deveopled I believe. So, go with either Firefox or Mozilla as an alternative browser.

So, if you could just answer those questions I asked. We will be able to go from there.


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