How To Make A Bacon Sandwich Using A Laptop...

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Not sure I'd wanna do this...

If the pics don't load 1st time do a refresh...


Stolen from WS (again, hehe)...

Looks good! Although I'd probably use prosciutto and a Dell laptop.

Better flavor meat and a hotter "oven" temperature. :lol:

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lmao thats awesome, who knew you could make a bacon sandwich using a laptop, why was that not included in my 100 sandwich cook book i bought from the library? looks like they left a few out :lol:

PS thanks dude that is freakin awesome i never knew you could do such a thing like that gots to love the internet ya know

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Hi Nerelda.....

I love fried food also.....But thinking about the laptop...It would be a great way for snacks at work. Mmm, I'll have to give it a try. <_<

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I just saw this, apparently a lot of the new macbook (pro) that have been reported running really hot were due to people not pealing off a protective plastic strip over a air vent. Go figure.


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first off why is there a plastic cover on the air vent

2ND! I bet my dad's work laptop can do it in half the time. It's an old IBM with a 233Mhz Pentium, 4gb drive and windows 98. That thing gets insanely hot.

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