I Was Showing My Pictures A While Ago...

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Thanks for the reminder. I've been tryin' to stay up-to-date with your photography, but it looks like I missed some of them. (D'ja ever get your projects done & graded?)

Trying to work on that tonight or so...

"Duco you should try to sell some of those to the *Stock Photography Houses* and make a few bucks...

Nice work my friend... biggrin.gif"

Nah, they wouldn't buy them. Not good enough.

"Looks good. HAve you entered anything into any contests? Like county fairs or something.


Nah, I don't think I could win a contest.

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... Not good enough. ... I don't think I could win a contest.

I hope you're not basing your low opinion on the commentary from others on Flikr. I read some of them a while ago and they were exactly like the type of replies you get on forums like G4 -- a--holes being negative for all the wrong reasons (makes them feel better when they put others down, they're anonymous so they can be mean without consequence, etc.).

You cannot win a contest if you never enter one, and you cannot sell a shot if you never submit one. ;)

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