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is that all they think it is worth.

the mean buggers

australia has tried to get nz to entergrate

and become part of an ozzy state

they need our land as they sold all theres to the american


but the problem

is the thnic group[maori]

own 2 thirds of the land mass

and they wont sell

land to them is a heritage and not a commodity

but that is an interesting article bearskin

must show it to my whanau [far-now]


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kapai [thanks] ropata [bobby]

kite pai [good good]

im not that fluent

but i do know the basics

the language has made a big resurgence

among the young in these madern days

maori now have there own chanel

where culture and language play an important


and a feature of other cultures around the world

like spanish has done like so in the usa.


on the chanel there is a series of

american indian culture

which has been running for several weeks

and i must say i learned more about american


than i did from history books

i might add i love it

kite haere ropata

by the way my

maori name is rani meihana

but i prefer marty

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