German Truck Art

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The aquarium is my favorite.

Yeah I suppose they have all been photoshopped but even so it's well done for most part and whoever did it had a very good imagination.

Would be funny to be alongside some of those if real, especially the hot sauce one that was so hot it burned the place down, or the fish tank one, they would sure demand some rubber-necking from bystanders, or some people might even try to grab a beer or a Pepsi. Ha!


God bless everyone

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Darn, dissapointing that it's photoshopped ...

If you see in on the Internet, assume it's fake. :P

Did you see the big hub-bub over Air Force One? A video showed a graffiti vandal sneaking up to the plane & spraying the engine nacelle. I watched it thinking, "That's not possible, is it?"

No, it wasn't, but even the Secret Service was temporarily fooled and launched an investigation. The vandal had actually had a different plane secretly painted in AF1 colors to make the video.

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