Quick Blue Case Mod

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I wanted to do something quick and easy so I took a 12 inch blue LED strip intended for a car, took it out of it's tube, and wired it into a molex connector.

The light had different flashing settings controlled by a switch, but I had no place to run a switch to on the computer. As a result, I soldered it into my reset button (Pic 1, the soldered wire, Pic 2, the Reset Button on the front)



Pic 3 show the case lit up with the blue bar - I wanted a low effect since I have two other cold cathodes in there (turned off for this pic) that light up the room.


Also, the cables are messy because I recently installed some temp gauges in the empty 5.25 bays (in regular PC Support forum)

*** - I got bored with the colors in about 30 minutes so... without further ado



Same bar, with new LED's soldered in


Here's the Molex the power comes from


Hard Drive Racks look beautiful!


Case door off


Fuzzy w/ case door on


So - once again a completed project! "Why all the lights in your computer?" - you may be asking! Well, I'm DJ'ing this Friday night and I had to get the rig ready for a party.

The flashing mode in which the lights go from top to bottom, to top, and so on (one LED at a time) looks great since the lights change colors!

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