Canadaian Tax Time

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Now THAT was funny.

I think we all feel the pain.

IF it's actually 60%, well, ya gotta pay for that universal health care somehow. (U.S. varies, up to 35% I believe. Of course anyone IN that bracket is going to structure their income so they don't pay that much, they didn't get rich by being STUPID.)

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Ya were taxed to death here. I just hate it cause I 'm getting a refund and there taking there sweet a$$ time! I phone the tax office to see what was taking so long and they gave so many excuses, so I replyed back and said "When we owe you money you want it paid back A.S.A.P, BUT you owe us that we can dam well wait eh!!!!!" That's politics for ya!


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The effective top US rate is around 60%: ~35% Federal income, ~12% Social Security, ~3 Medicare, ~9% state, local taxes, capital gains taxes, business taxes, and so on.

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If you're in the 35% bracket you don't pay 12% Social Secuity 'cause there's a limit to the amount you pay, then you don't pay any more. Too much math for me to figure it out so I refuse to ever get rich so I don't have to. <_<

Speaking of social security ... !!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!

Sucks for my generation (about to enter the job market) cause somehow we are going to have to supply social security to the baby boomers

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You'll do it and like it sonny! :huh:

It's the hidden stuff you really should worry about though, at least SS and Fed taxes are spelled out for you. For example, no tax on the Internet, right? Did you BUY your computer? Does it use electricity? Do you use an ISP?

Taxed, taxed, and taxed.

Nearly everything you touch has a tax associated with it. Do you BREATHE? Government mandates, that cost plenty o' money to implement, make that air expensive to keep clean. Water too. Need I mention the percent of gasoline prices that are actually TAXES?

OK, OK, chill out J ... B)


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