A Linux Distribution Comparison Matrix

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A Linux Distribution Comparison Matrix

Linux is Linux—you can use any distribution; the real difference between distributions lies primarily in how much effort it takes to accomplish your specific goals. The five distributions compared here represent the "Who's Who" of the major English-language distributions.

by Joshua D. Drake


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I have to dissagree with almost everything he states..

first he is missing some standard Linux distrobutions




next he equates easy or more matue with (it how windows does it).. not out loud but the ones he gave better scores like, the red hat installer, shows what he is looking for..

last easy is in the eye of the beholder.. I personaly find it simpler to install Slackware when I am tring to fit the entire OS on a 512 compactFlash

try that with Red Hat or ubuntu.. youll be unchecking boxes all day long.

now if we are talking about a statndard desktop (work type) then, this chart may mean somthing, but in that case SUSE and Red Hat have more enterprise tools for deployment for the windows admin types..

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