Happy Birthday Xxkbxx!

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Thank you all! (or y'all as they say around the south)

Still driving safely (for a year now) My insurance actually dropped by $300, even though my car is only worth about $1000, for driving ticket/accident free for the first year (except for 2 warning tickets, but that's a different story)

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realy a $300 drop. mine started only as $100 with an 85 sunbird then it didn't change when I got my 95 Civic EX. You also have to take into account that I only have Liability and Comprehensive. I don't have full. I too Have driven this whole time with no wrecks/tickets (came close to a few wrecks maybe have deserved a ticket or 2 when I was running late for work :rolleyes: ).

Happy B-day man, hope you get nice free crap man.

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***Hijacking a thread Alert!!**

HondaBoy, your insurance went down because you got a newer car with "more safety bells and whistles" (discovered that with the kids)

And guess what, guys? Your insurance will go down more when you turn 21 and again at 25 and about every "decade birthday" after that! Makes 50 something to look forward to (noooo, I haven't reached that yet! but Hubby has :D )

And congrats to you two for accident free driving (no more tickets, now, XX! Watch your speed :angry: )

Marty, I agree, aren't these kids amazing with their tech knowledge? Shoot, I still have to get the manual out to fiddle with the VCR. That's what I love about this place, the "young'uns" teach the "oldsters" about tech, and the "oldsters" teach the "young'uns" about life! Good trade, eh?

Hope your birthday is going great, XX


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hey I turn 18 in less than 2 weeks, you think that'll drop my insurance. actually my insurance didn't change at all when I switched cars. trade offs. 85 Sunbird 2Dr Fasthatch base with Aluminum wheels and AC. low end car (drops), old (drops), poor shape (drops), but missing many safety features (raises). 95 Honda Honda Civic EX 2Dr Notchback Coupe. Newer car but year model was 10 years old, now 11 (No real change). Better shape (raises). Higher end model with all extra features except Anti-Lock brakes and factory rear trunk lid wing (raises). Extra safety features such as dual front airbags. (Lowers). Vehicle has been involved in multiple wrecks (previous owner but fixed every time). That really has no effect cause of the repairs I guess. I too am sry for hijacking.

Again happy birthday and I hope you got some nice stuff.

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My insurance was like 750 as a first year driver - that's the most stripped down insurance too, not the full. My second week driving I got a warning from a trooper commonly known to be a "butt" because he thought I was trying to street-race!!! I was laughing so hard (I drive a 95 Chevy Blazer = not fast at all) that he threatened to give me a ticket (there's a lengthy explanation of why he though I was racing that's not worth sharing at this time!). The second one was 50 in a 35 (where everybody drives 45) at 2:00 in the morning coming back from the last football game in the season. Since we lost (to one of the best teams in the nation - google Charlotte Independence - the cop gave me a warning. Let's hope this luck keeps going, as it should since I drive safely anyways.

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