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I just saw this. Apple has a beta called Boot Camp allows windows to dual boot with OS X on a Intel Mac. The Rumor is that it is part of the next Mac OS that will let Mac OS X , Vista, Linux to all work side by side without partitions or reboots.

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The key here is that it is in Beta stage.

Yes, I've read that some people are having problems booting their units after doing this install. I'd wait until they fine tune this procedure before intalling windows on a mac.

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I hang out at a lot of the apple forums and most people who follow the instructions are finding the dual boot to be working almost perfect. Most of the people that are having problems are using hacked system restored disk, OEM disk or downloaded from torrents / P2P. Apple instructions say a new XP with sp2.

What I think is even better and more useful is Parallels. It will let you run almost any X86 os virtually inside OS X.

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