To All Those Who Know Prodriver1 (antonio) From G4 Please Read

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I just came upon this thread in Tech Support now. Most of you who have been on G4 and back to when we were Tech TV should know who Antonio is. I haven't seen from him in a while and thought it was odd since he used to send me a few messages a week to shoot the shit. Sadly his wife of over 50 years just died, and they were friends since the age of 6!!! If you know him please visit the thread I linked and give him some kind words.

from pro1driver to all my "cyber friends"

thanks a lot


If you are having "troubles" with your account send me a PM here, or have someone there send me a PM

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I am so sorry to hear his wife died. Sounds like he lost his best friend if they knew each other nearly all their lives. So sad to lose someone you love. My thoughts and prayers go out for him.

Will be over to G4 tomorrow if I have a chance and will add a post to his thread.

Thanks for telling us about it.


God bless everyone.

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Thanks for letting us know. Will go there tomorrow.

Can't get on any site except this one right now. DNS error.

My heart goes out to Antonio with the loss of his wife.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless.

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Shameless bump. Thanks, Mike. I'm not a member there, sent Sweet Antonio a PM from here, but y'all feel free to send my love, sympathy and support to the G4 thread. He and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. Bad things shouldn't happen to good guys.


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i saw it on the other boards. i sure hope prodriver1 decides to at least try and pop in once in a while.

i also sent a PM to him, i hope he at least gets a chance to read it.

he will be missed.

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