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Nah. That looks like something a Kentuckian would have.

I second, decidedly Eastern Kentucky build. And it isn't an RV, that is a full time house. Chances are that the engine was sold for alc-i-hol...:)

I spent nearly 10 years of my youth in Eastern Kentucky. Rent "American Hollow" to get an idea, I lived about 30 miles away. No education, no work, they dont even offer welfare there. Most live off of food stamps, growing smokables, ginseng, and social security diability. Inner city poor have it good compared to these people.


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Did I detect a note of sarcasm? :D

The point is, there is poverty everywhere. No one in America starves to death unless by their own idiocy. Anyone in this country can get food and shelter for the cost of filling out a form <food stamps/ shelters>. You can rent a shack for $75 a month in some parts of the country. You can even get a college education for free <Berea college> if you are willing to work for it. Our poverty is most often self inflicted. If you look at the true poor you find druggies, alcoholics, freeloaders, and people with mental illness. The problem is we actually have the FREEDOM to be poor. No one is going to force you to go to rehab and get a job. No one takes your kids because you won't work to support them. No one prevents you from using your food stamps for junk food. Sound harsh? I can say this because I came from these people, lived as the poorest of the poor, and chose to get out with little help from my parent or the crappy government education system. My friends got out too, and we are all living middle class in the USA.

Marty, don't believe everything you read in the press. It really isn't as bad here as they would have you believe.



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The goverment tried to get rid of poverty in New Orleans, but apperently people in that "chocolate city" could swim. Who knew?

J/king :D

Be nice. We don't need to get that debate stirred up in here. New Orleans proved one thing to me, don't depend on the local, state, or federal government for protection. All it takes is one weak link and you are living in the superdome. Food, water, ammo, power. Then you can ride it out on your own.


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