Good Morning, Blue Screen Of Death

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My PC was on all night last night.

This morning, it had a BSOD.

The thing told me to restart the PC, and when I do, it seems to be loading up and then all of a sudden, the screen goes blank and the case starts making quiet noises...

"rev rev rev rev" pause

"rev rev rev rev"

This is the first BSOD on this computer.

I believe the BSOD error mentioned something about a kernel, but I cannot remember exactly what and I now cannot reproduce the screen.




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Start tapping F8 at startup until you get to the boot screen. Select Safe mode and if it gets to the Safe mode desktop open My Computer and right click on your drive and select Properties. Under the Tools tab click the Check Now button for Error checking. It will probably say it can not perform the action until the PC is rebooted. Reboot and let it run. See what errors come up. If that doesn't work reboot again while tapping F8 and this time selct Last known good configuration.

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When started in safe mode:


Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM...


If I do this, will I lose the information on the hard drive?

Thanks for your help!

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go to control pannel-sys-advanced -

start up and recovery -settings

and uncheck automatic restarts

and see if your compt keeps restarting it self

then post back.

to try and recover the missing file

try run -type cmd

at the prompt


sfc/scannow insert your xp disk

when prompted

then press enter

then go make 10 cups of coffee

dont touch any thing the scan is finished

remember this is for xp


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start your compt

then insert your xp disk

select the repair option

then follow the screens

you may have to reboot after inserting the cd

depending on your sys


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reboot your compt

at the bottom of the boot up screen

delete will appear

press delete

and it will take your to the compt settings

depending on your sys

you may have to use f2 or f12

with xp it is delete


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Part one worked just fine. I followed the steps, but when I get to part 2, I do not see:

"Now select the operating system you wish to repair, if as in most occasions there is only one, the just press "R" to continue."

I see something regarding the partitions, with no option to repair. It asks me to choose which partition (FAT or C:), delete a partition, or create a new partition. I am unable to create a new partition. Should I try to delete the c: partition?

When I attempt to choose the c: partition, I get this:

This partition is either too full, damaged, not formatted or formatted with an incompatitble file system. To continue installing Windows, Setup must format this partition.

Thanks for your help!

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O Heck!!!

Never mind. :blush: I thought TTs was about using the repair council. I just repeated the same thing. Silly me :wacko:

Try doing a repair install as described below. See if it will work this way.

There are two types of repair on XP.

When you boot with the XP disk. You will come to the first part that asks if you want to install or do a repair. This first repair is a command prompt type for a specific repair. AT THIS POINT! If you click on install XP instead, you will see XP load files as it get ready to install the OS. When it gets done loading files, you will again be asked to install XP or to repair your current OS. At this second repair option, click to repair and sit back. XP will go through your whole system searching and repairing parts that have been changed or need to be replaced. BUT REMEMBER!! With any repair you will need your CD KEY. And you MUST go to windows update and re-download some of the updates because the repair will remove some of them.. I just said the same thi

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