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I got to thinkin' (uh-oh), what key, if you were forced at gunpoint to choose one 'cause that's the only way you'd get me to wear one, would you choose?

I think the Pause/Break key, a constant reminder to take a break?

From PC's, the Windows key, 'cause we all worship Windows?

Obviously one of our initials would make sense.

F1 would be a geeky call for help (and makes my brain hurt as I try to remember what the other standards were for function keys, and if they'd be geeky to choose).

I like the Delete key, while someone's "Blah-blah-blahing," you can surrepticiously press your Delete key.

Oh snap! The Esc key, for the same reason! "Esc key, take me away!!! :D

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LOL, JDoors...I like Esc, but I think I'd choose ALT, because I like the sound of it :) Although there is a key between the Windows Key and Ctrl on the right side of the space key, that I have no idea what it is, that one sounds intreging, too (NO, I'M NOT going to punch it just for the heck of it! I'D BREAK something! :D )


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That odd-ball, unused key is the "context menu" key. It's supposed to look like a menu. It's the keyboard shortcut for a rightclick.

So if you rightclick HERE, you get a menu. If your cursor just happens to be there and you press the context menu key you also get a menu, but by using the keyboard instead of the right mouse button.

Sheesh, just tryin' to explain it takes so long, no wonder it's rarely used. (I use it at work 'cause the IT guys defeat the right mouse button to keep us out of trouble, but even THEY don't know about that menu key! :D)

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Liz are you talking about the key thathas a box and an arrow on it. If so that key brings up most appropriate dropdown menu depending on the location of the mouse pointer on screen. :thumbsup:

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