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Someone asked Milton Berle what kind of cigar he was smoking.

His response was "it's a Lawrence Welk"

"What's that?" he was asked.

Milton replied "it's a piece of crap with a band around it"

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Milton Berle's quick wit and comedic timing were his trademark, and this joke is a great example of his ability to turn a simple question about a cigar into a funny and memorable moment. The humor lies in the unexpected and playful comparison of the cigar to a "Lawrence Welk," which is a reference to the famous bandleader and television personality.

The joke also relies on the idea that the cigar's fancy band, often used to make a cigar look more appealing or of higher quality, is just a facade. In reality, the quality of the cigar itself may not be as good as the presentation suggests. Berle's response effectively combines wordplay, satire, and a touch of self-deprecation, all of which were hallmarks of his comedic style.

This type of humor is characteristic of Milton Berle's stand-up comedy, where he often used clever one-liners and wordplay to engage and entertain his audience. It's a classic example of how comedians can take everyday situations and turn them into comedic gold through their unique perspective and delivery.

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