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be the first on your block to get your set of dos 5 disks at this fantastic price.

you will be simply amazed at what you can accomplish with these disks.

dos 5 is normally a 3 disk set but this version comes with 2 extra disk is an online help and the other is extended drivers.

these disks have been setting in my desk for 300 years so I can't gaurantee they will work.'s the deal. I will send you the disks. you try them out. if they work out for you, then you reimburse me the shipping charges. I only have have one set so you guys will have to fight over them. sale ends sometime in 2010.

pm me with any questions.

approved by BT

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DOS 5 was a pretty neat release for it's time.

It introduced the DOS shell (kind of like Explorer but not for windows)and I

think it was the first version of DOS that let you utilize the upper memory.

Remember back when 1 MG was a lot???

Things were a whole lot simpler back then. I really had a hard time

switching over to windows (3.1 then) and I STILL remember most of the

DOS commands. I never used a "menu" program.....I just did it all from

the C:

Ah yes.................those were the days!

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Was I even born when the released dos


the original DOS program, CP/M (Control Program/Monitor).

(Control Program for Microcomputer), was created in 1973 by Gary Kildall.

In February of 1979 Apple released DOS 3.2 which was a rewrite of CP/M.

More info on this HERE

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