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... is a Music player and management for GNOME

With Listen you can:

  • Play your favorite songs
  • Manage your library
  • Manage your ipod
  • Make playlists
  • Automatically or manually download album covers
  • Automatically synchronize album covers with iPod
  • Easily burn an audio CD
  • Directly get informations from wikipedia when you play a song
  • See the lyrics of a song
  • Have statistics about your favorite songs, albums or artists
  • Listen to web radio
  • Submit your songs to Audioscrobbler
  • Quick access to related file

With Listen you will be able to:

  • Listen And Rip Audio CDs
  • Browse and listen songs on a DAAP share
  • Share you library via a DAAP share
  • Fill metadata with musicbrainz
  • Make inteligent playlists

Development Status : 4 - Beta

License : GNU General Public License (GPL)

Operating System : All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Linux

Programming Language : Python

Translations : Bulgarian, English, French, Italian, Spanish

User Interface : Gnome, GTK+


New release 0.3.1


-Some bug fix

-Hide and encrypt audioscrobbler password

-Add option to clear playlist when add a new song

New release 0.3


-Add Audioscrobbler support

-Change license to GPLv2 only

-Many UI change

-New preference dialog

-Many bug fix

-Some volume effect on startup and stop

-Crossfade support

Download: @ SourceForge»

Caution: BETA software is, by definition, still in test mode and presents a certain level of risk to the end-user.

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