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W00t i just finshed my first executable program =) also my first program over 100lines and fully functional.

Its nothing fancy or even usefull for anyone besides the person i programed it for,

(Some random person on a message board,)

I thought i'd be a easy project, that wouldn't take any work or even thinking much, and plus id be helping someone out (Something i thought would be done in 10mins, which it could of been but i took it alittle further =) )

So what the program DOES is just translates a made up language by this person blah blah, stupid but like i said i needed a project =P,

but as i got further into writing the program i reliezed this wasn't goin to be so easy.

So it ended up taking me around 2-days (which is alot when you think its gonna be 10mins)

but i learned alot, in the long run im glad i took this project, b/c (like i said) i learned ALOT.

Firstly b/c it was my time tell working with .dat files, my first .exe (as i said) which was alot harder then i thought it was gonna be 0_o,

Anyways lol noone here cares just thought id share =P.

heres a link to the program if anyone wants to try it out

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