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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know at/around 5:30 (East Coast Time) I will be starting the BT radio show, it will run about an hour. Please tune in and enjoy! Also, if there is song you don't like playing, keep in mind you may like the next. ;)

If you would like to make suggestions, feel free to do so. I will do my best to incorporate whatever suggestions you make. I'd also like to point out, each show will have somewhat of a different playlist, so if you don't like one shows music it doesn't mean you won't like the next shows music. I have lots of music, what you will hear today is just a very small portion. If you make a music suggestion and I don't have it, I will check it out for another show. B)

Hope you all tune in and enjoy!

The stream can be found here:


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Well, I'd like to find a time that would fit into most people's schedules. So maybe I should post a thread asking what times/days work best for most people and then do it then. I'm hoping to do another radio show soon. B)


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