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okay I'm looking to upgrade my ram a little but not much, i know you need to look up something on your computer that tells what types of ram you can upgrade to.i have no clue on how to find that info? i hear there is a site somewhere that checks for you and tells you what type of ram you can upgrade to whats the sites url.any help will be greatly appreciated

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Well, it depends on your computers (Dell, Gateway, Compaq, HP, Home built, etc..) motherboard. Then again, if you built the machine you probably know the type of ram in it. ;)

In any case, here's some ram vendors I like:





Now as far as finding the right type of ram you can go to the ram manufacturs site put in your computer brand and model and it should tell you the right ram for your machine. You can also download something to tell you such as one of these:

That should help you out. B)


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