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hi all. this opera browser is a challenge

for me

after using IE for so long

it is like relearning

i used slim browser for some time

but i wanted one with a news channel feed

i believe avanti has the same feature

so i may try that as well

i remember

when i first started pete and chappy said it was wise to use

different browsers.

and i tried firefox

and got into trouble with it twice so that scared me off

so i was relunctant

to try another

but i like to think

im a little bit more experienced now

hence another browser

and may be another


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hi im finding it a bit challenging

trying to get to grips with it

but im learning

to try and find the applications

is my trouble

it seems customising

is very important

so im learning to use that feature

ok how do i find the news channel feeds/

also where do i find opera portal


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You can get your RSS feeds through the Opera Mail Client setup which is included with Opera. Make sure you have the newest version Opera 8.51.

Here's some helpful links.

New to Opera

Opera tutorials

Opera knowledge base

Power just went out. I'll be back later. Damn winds are gusting over 50 m.p.h. I'm glad I have a UPS.


Power just came back on. 4 1/2 hours to repair the lines down the street. We got nailed with hurricane force winds of 75+ m.p.h. Many trees and power poles are down over several counties. Temperatures have dropped about 30 degrees actual and the wind chill can cut through you. Temps are expected to drop from 60F early this morning to 10F tonight with winds abating after 3 PM to 40 m.p.h.

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yes it is 8.51 -TheTerrorist_75

tho it is a bit harder than ie

to navigate

i like it

i saw your post on the adfilter

i replied to it

i might try the adfilter once i get to grips with browser

this weather must be world wide

2 days ago

we had a gale force wind

and it lasted the whole day

here were i live the gale force winds come from the west

and it is hot and dry

which makes it worse

you take care and dont expose your self to danger


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I thought I posted this but there is a new update for Opera the new version is 8.52.

I'm a opera head from way back to version 1. I use almost nothing else. It may be challenging in the begining but soon you will wonder how you ever used IE.


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hi preston

yes you did post

but my querry was on the wrong forum

so they shifted it from there to here.

i was surfing opera this morning

and a notice came up asking did i want to

upgrade to opera 8.52

but i wanted get the feeling of the users

so i xed off and came to the board

where you and TT posteded

and now i cant get that link back

my Q now is if i install opera 8.52

will the one on my sys recognise the new one

or will it install as a stand alone.

the other problem i have is the adfilter

ive installed it but no where can i make

opera recognise it.

so ive a lot of learning to do


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Hi Marty....

To update Opera to 8.52, you just have to click on Help at the top and a little menu will show. Then click on Check for New Release then just follow the the install.

Help>Check for new release

Keeping up-to-date

By default, Opera will automatically check for updates, and will notify you if new versions become available. It will also check to see if there have been any site specific fixes that it can apply automatically. If needed, this automatic checking can be disabled using opera6.ini, but note that the site specific fixes are applied separately for each user, and you do not need to be an administrator of your computer to make use of the feature. If automatic checking is disabled, you can still manually check for updates using Help > Check for new release.

Take care...

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