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Thank you.

The software I used is all freeware and you can find it on the PC Support - customization thread.

I've actually changed the design a bit since I posted.

I get my wallpapers from /wg/ which I wouldn't expect you to know about.

Most of the freeware is from the aqua soft coders, which again I doubt you've heard of.

I've found this board consists of mainly techies that are adults.

The pictures of peoples heads are stacks.

You can see an example of them in one of my old videos. I have yet to make a new video with my recent improvements, but I'll get on it.

-Alt Tab Tool AKA MacSwitch

Windows 7 Taskbar Clone AKA Winstep Extreme + Personal Settings

Weatherdocklet that comes with objectdock

Email checking docklet and Explorer changes

Expose feature - Program = winexpose

Stack docklet, and KKMenu Docklets (I also can do stacks inside of stacks.

And that about sums it up.


The user formerly known as scissorhands7 (the one who attempted to stir things up on this site and was banned)

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This design is made by me ^.^ OS: Windows XP Pro, Yesh I love Pink XD, You can click on the image for a larger one. =3

My Main PC ( Blossom )



My NetBook ( Sakura )



My Backup PC ( Milia )



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Haven't posted here in awhile, I see Arachnid still posts a lot of his creations :thumbsup:

I've updated my desktop a lot, moved from XP to Windows 7, new apps, new wallpapers I got from DeviantArt

Windows 7 x64

Rainmeter with:


Enigma (Weather & Calendar)

Dark Rainmeter (Time & Date)


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My new HTPC desktop.

XP Pro - Razor 1.2 Theme

Wallpaper from DeviantArt

Rainmeter Skins:

- Dark Rainmeter - Clock, Date, System Info

- Custom Skin for text at top of each bar, and the planet launcher

Each planet lights up on scroll over and opens the respective folder (text at top), while the System Info planet opens My Computer.

Currently the Anime Planet is lit up.


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This is my personal design, the anime girls are not mine of course . Please let me know on what you think about the design aspects of my wallpaper, such as the things I did, not the actual anime XD

My New Logon


My new Desktop < Left Right > ( Third Monitor not yet purchased :3 )



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