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There was this man who won a contest and got one free ticket to the

Super Bowl. He was thrilled, but when he got to the stadium and found

his seat he was somewhat disappointed. His ticket was for the last row,

and it was WAY up there. He couldn't see the game, so he began looking


Close to the field he saw an empty seat, so he decided to go down

there. He reached the seat and asked the man next to the unoccupied

seat if anyone was seating there.

The man replied, "No." So the guy sat down and struck up a


"Who would have a seat right next to the field and not come?!?"

The man answers, "Oh, that was my wife's seat."

"Where is she?" the guy replied.

"She died."

"Oh, I'm sorry...don't you have anyone else to come with you, a

brother, or friend?"

"No, they couldn't come."


"Because they are at her funeral."

From last section of weekly newsletter("kimsnewsletter") from


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