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Hi Marty....

Thanks for sharing these Marty those are pretty cool....

Some of those I've seen and the ones that I haven't I added them to my "Guitar Gear" folder in Bookmarks where I think I might have close to a hundred sites of guitar or amp. companies.

Heres another with some that are a little different:

And some violins that have a twist to them:

Thanks again Marty....happy pick'in and a grin'in :thumbsup:


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hi RV

i knew you were a guitar collecter

i used to play bass guitar

i had three i used for years

one was cello bass and a mandolin bass

and the one i used in the pop band was

and old antoria

i played a fretless gibson for some time

but as the years went by i forgot where my fingers were

so i had to buy one with frets

i still have that gibson

and i gibson guitar i bought as a double package

they were thinline cherry les paul models

i have to appoligise i forgot what year

i think it was 1969 or 1970

tho that is erelovent

i actually saved them for my sons

but one plays drums and the other plays bluegrass violin

and banjo

so much for the theory what dad, does your family follows suit.


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yes i have a a collection fetish

i used to collect pens

now i collect unusual clocks

my daughter is a purser on a cruise ship

\and when she lands at any port she buys clocks ones

that are ubusual

i have talking, rude,commical clocks

you name it i have it.

now to guitars

i still have my 2 guitars i played in bands

with many -m-m

years ago

[not telling how many]

and i have an old accoustic i bugger around on

at home

they are a wonderful instrument

but moden music has bastardised them which is a pity


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I played in a band about 20 year ago we would play out a couple times a week. Then life happened. A few years ago I started playing again with a bunch of other guys with pretty much the same story...we're having a lot of fun.

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*slaps head* Marty, I knew there was a reason I liked you, besides your sweet disposition and wonderful sense of humor (you always make me laugh, thank you!)! My Dad and Son are both "collectors of unusual things"--Dad collects kerosene lamps, unusual pencil sharpeners, model airplanes, and Son collects pencil sharpeners, coins and Burger King Crowns... :thumbsup:

And your kids at least inherited the love of playing music! They are still using that chunk of the brain. My Mom is a watercolor artist--her daughters ended up being a "pen and paper" artist, a crocheter, an interior decorator, a gardener and a cartoonist--each one still using the artistic side of the brain. So "you done good". :thumbsup:

And I agree--an acoustic guitar rules! Hold on to those old Gibsons--they say that the older they get, the better they sound.


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isteve Posted Yesterday, 10:07 PM

I played in a band about 20 year ago we would play out a couple times a week. Then life happened. A few years ago I started playing again with a bunch of other guys with pretty much the same story...we're having a lot of fun.

Hi isteve.....same here :D I just noodle around for my own amusement but still like to some what keep up with whats happening. I use to have an old 72 HI-Watt Custom 100 with an old Marshall 4x12 that I sold a few yrs. ago. Just wasn't practical to have in my room any more, but I sure miss that sound compared to this Trans. solid state amp I have now.

Is it you that has a Marshall super lead(**rv drools and wishes he had one now) or am I thinking of some one else.

As far as collecting guitars....only in my dreams... :lol: . If I could I would have at least a dozen around.. :lol:

***rv's dream to own...Gibson Explorer/SG/Flying V/335/what the heck..ya another Les Paul. Fender....Strat/Tele.....PRS. aaahhh just a dream... :lol:

Oh well....can't complain at least I had a good time all those yrs long ago and still enjoy it today... :lol:

Take care...

bozodog Posted Today, 07:22 AM

Ahhh, old Gibsons.. I must tell everyone. Gibson started building gutiars here in Kalamazoo.

Yes....probably mine was built there...1979 Les Paul Standard. :D

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Yep, I'm the one with the old Super Lead and pretty much never use it...way to loud. I played out at the bar down the street last week, and used a Tone Works pedalboard with amp simulation plugged into the house PA no real amp. Doesn't quite have the sound of warm tubes but a lot easier to lug around.

blim; What exactly is a unusual pencil sharpener?

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Maybe you guitar enthusiasts can explain something: I've seen guitar ads on TV repeatedly lately, never saw them before, is there some reason for that? (I forget the brand, the one that parodies "Dollywood" movies if you've seen it.) Is the brand trying to do something? Is there some event that triggered their ads?

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i need to ask all the guitar players

using amplified gear did it affect your ears

after a while the amplification damaged my ears

but at the time i didnt realise it was the loud music

as the years went by i was ever lifing my amp

higher and higher until it was level with my ears

this i did as i was finding it diffult to keep on key

until the amp was nearly in my ears

so to day i have to wear hearing aids

luck must be on my shoulders

as my doc

put a report into the acc [accident compensation]

claiming my problem was work related

and they didnt hesitate

i got them through a work related problem .

this report went in 10 years after i stopped playing

so some one must have been sitting on my shoulder

so warn your youngsters

wear ear muffs

i still dont know if they were around when i was playing

tho i wouldnt have worn them

because i didnt look kewl with them on


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Liz, I checked ebay for pencil sharpeners. I never would have guessed there are so many types, and so many people buying and selling them.

JDoors I haven't seen the guitar adds. I'm surprised to hear there are adds.

Marty, I have some hearing loss in my left ear, I tried different ear plugs but had a hard time hearing my guitar. I now have some plugs that filter out supposedly dangerous levels. But I don't play nearly as loud as I use to. I play with two bands one we just fool around writing songs and do some recording just for fun. And the other is a acoustic rock/folk/jam type band we play open mic nights and once in a while we open for other bands at the local bar.

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when this site first started i tried to get a

discussion group forum

like we are doing now.

we but the site was new at the time

and ide forgotten about it until now.

but these are the sort of topics i love

to ramble on about.


pencil sharpeners

gee that must be interesting

when i collected pens

i had one that had a pen on one end and a pencil sharpener

on the other

when i read your post i had a hunt around

and found it in my garage

tucked in a collecters corner

i havent looked there for some years

it appears the pen came from a pen and pencil set

hence the sharpener on one end


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I have to say also JDoors that I haven't seen guitar adds on TV either. Except if a local music shop was having a sale or something. left ear I hear bassy or muffled sounds, no treble or high freq. Right hearing is ok.

isteve....I've been using a Tone Works pedal board too. :D Just got it about 6 months An AX1500G.... :lol: ...thats so cool. Got rid of a few stomp boxes but still have a Boss Metal Zone and a JH-1 Dunlop Wha pedal. Had a Alesis QuadraVerb for about 8 yrs. but it just up a died on me a yr. ago. started a real guitarist thread here.... :lol: ....this is fun. :thumbsup:

Take care....

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i hope, others join us

i remember

i was in the chat rooms and tictoc

and i chatted about guitars

the thread i posted was for titoc and rv16

to reply to

but it has turned out to be a more interesting

forum than i started it out to be

more people have replied than i anticipated

so go for it all. collecters rule the forum


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... I haven't seen the guitar ads. I'm surprised to hear there are ads. ...
I was certainly surprised the first time, shocked the second time, STUNNED when I saw it a third time, and they're STILL playing it . I wanna say for Gibson but maybe that name stuck in my head 'cause one of you guys mentioned it.

IF they ever play it you kinda have to pay attention because it's not until the end of the commercial that you realize it's for a guitar (I'm a captive audience in the breakroom at work so I wind up staring at all kinds of crap I wouldn't watch at home).

It starts out with a big Indian celebration of some kind, looks like a wedding or coronation. Lots of music playing, dancers swaying, turbins, flowing skirts, finger cymbals, the works.

Then you first hear a guitar solo rising out of the noise, and as it rises and overpowers the other sounds everyone looks at a guy with his back to the audience. He slowly turns around and you see the guitar in his hands. The 'main lady,' I don't know if she's a bride or queen or what, walks over to him, takes the guitar, holds it out to the audience like it's some sort of powerful symbol, and everyone acts amazed.

Then the guitar brand name is shown and the commercial fades.

Guess I'll have to surf to find out why one brand produced and schedules such an expensive looking ad. I too have only seen local shops advertise, maybe this is part of some promotional agreement to get the shops to push that brand ("We'll put it on TV every hour if you just buy more!").

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hi jd

\that was a dam good article you posted

after reading that ad.

i recall some years back

mariah careys,

first husband.

was a well known classiccal guitarist

and also a latin rithym player.

in concerts he played a rosette hole ramareze.

it was accoustic.but when he strummed it you could hear

the sound from the back of the theater

beautiful guitar.tho

he used to demonstrate gibson guitars for the company.

i went to one of his concerts many years ago.

and i was spell bound .

with his finger work.

no wonder mariah married him

i read that after a bought i mine and when the package reached me

it had booklit.

highlighting who demonstrated these guitars.

tom thingymajig[tom matola i think i have to look

it up i stil have the concert notice.

ive for gotten his name at the moment

my god old age memory

i better finish this post as ime getting carried away


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