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Hi Everyone!

Well, we just put down a fresh concrete driveway in this place, and we needed to find a use for all this new space, so we're going to have a GARAGE SALE!!!!


K...here's the rules:

All items posted MUST be approved by a Besttechie.net Moderator

Simply compose your topic post as normal and hit the "post topic" button as you normally do. The message will be put into a que for approval, and we'll get to it as quickly as possible.

1) You may Buy, Sell, Trade, or Give Away, any WORKING computer hardware or software you may have that you no longer need.

2) All transactions are between the Buyer & the Seller only. Besttechie Staff will not become involved in any transactions.

3) This is NOT Ebay! You are allowed to have the occasional transaction, but you're not allowed to make this a place of "Profit", by buying and selling items continuously. This is strictly for our membership to use for a place to find something they need, or sell something they don't need anymore.

4) Besttechie.net holds no warranty over anything bought or sold in this forum, nor do we endorse any product herein.

5) All monetary transactions, including shipping details, will be finalized through Personal Email, and not in the forum posts. Once an item is no longer available, please post that it is gone in the thread and it will be closed by a Besttechie Moderator. DO NOT post your email address in the thread, use the PM feature for this instead.

6) All items posted here must have been obtained LEGALLY. Any items found to have been obtained illegally, wil be removed and the poster's priviledges at Besttechie.net will be revoked. No software obtained through peer to peer methods are allowed.

7) Besttechie.net Staff are not responsible for any item bought or sold here, in any way, shape or form. We provide no means for monetary transactions nor shipping methods, and we will not be held responsible for any misplaced transactions or shipments.

Well, in case I missed something there, let me clarify one last thing....Besttechie.net is not responsible for anything posted, bought, traded, or sold here, in any way shape or form whatsoever.....period.

That said, we hope that our members can find this place a great way to trade items between ourselves, and maybe save a couple of $$$'s in the process. Of course, we would prefer that folks give things away as well and only charge for shipping costs, but thats totally up to you folks.

Have Fun!

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