Pc Myths Busted

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Those 'myths' ranged from the ridiculous (haiku errors), to the still-slightly-true (magnets can destroy data if you're using magnetic media, they seem to assume you don't), to the unresolved (product life-spans; shut it off or don't), among various other things.

Did anyone actually believe those haiku error messages were in Japanese versions of Windows? :blink:

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[sarcasm] those are some pretty detailed, accurate and definitive results they got there [end sarcasm]

some pretty weak testing if you ask me. totally ignore their Bogus O Meter and read their results. and i'm sorry but just simple posting the summarized results of someone else who has been shown to not be a very reliable source was pretty lazy in my opinion. also some of their so called results are speculatory at best. one thing you got to remember when dealing with mythbusting is the age of the myth. if the myth started 20 yrs ago well then you have to test not only modern equipment but the equipment of the time of the myth and you can't just stick to one type of computer.

sorry for the ranting but mythbusting is one of my things.

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that's exactly why I leave my computer on 24x7...I also surf during thunderstorms...don't waste money on a UPS...I have changed out nic cards, graphich cards, modems, and hard drives with the computer still running...haven't tried changing out ram yet.

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Yes...dubious at best I'd say, but some I do agree with.

The PC shutdown issue is one that I agree with, shutting off daily will NOT hurt your PC and every system needs a shutdown sooner or later to just clean things up.

In the old days, some hardware's on/off cycle lifespan was notoriously short, like HDD's with a couple hundred cycles worth in them. Nowadays tho, they last over 50,000 cycles, so no amount of shutting down will cause any damage whatsoever, and this goes for pretty much all h'ware now.

Those who say it's the "heat changes" that cycling can cause, fail to realize that this expansion and contraction is accounted for in the design engineering and built into things on purpose. It's like buildings and other tall structures that are designed to sway and give in windy conditions, expansion & contraction are accounted for in items that cycle from hot to cold.

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