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That place has been on the edge of total disaster from day 1 to start with, it's only a matter of time really.

Pete, Mike & myself worked hard to get that place created and then try and maintain the TTV dignity on that board, but the G4 admins totally lacked the foresight and the expertise needed to maintain a forum like that.

I personally believe that once they started allowing folks to get away with some stuff they allow there, that they soon lost control over it. Then it was a matter of time until it was getting out of hand and they lacked the people skills it would take to regain control, so they went the other way instead and relaxed the rules even more. This has lead to the complete unravelling of any kind of effective moderation and it's soon going to backfire on them big time.

They have a beast on their hands that's going to destroy any hopes of trying to control it, and the maturity levels of many of their members leads them to push the limits even further. They'll rebel now at any attempt to try and regain a level of dignity, as they're too used to getting away with murder and the admin there just don't have the skills needed.

It's too bad really, there was definately a chance to have something good there, but they blew it big time. They never gave their mods any training on how to handle people because they didn't have that skill themselves.

It's simple really...treat your members like they're just words on a screen and they'll lose respect, treat them like they're actual people with feelings, and they appreciate you for it and will listen when you say something.

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Good words of wisdom Chappy. I remember the last hours of TTV and of also helping some of the members who moved to G4 those last and first days.

But the majority of the posters from G4 didn't want the TTVers comming there. That was the whole of the membership at G4. Everyone from TTV tried to fit in and make a place for themselves. But it looked like a lost battle from the get-go.

The only time I have been over to G4 in a while is to see if a couple of ads I made for BTs are still being used as avators by some. And I see they are. (don't want to remove them if others still like and use them).:thumbsup:

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But JSKY we almost control the Tech Support in G4. Pete, Mlegg (wondering where he is.....) and Chappy been supporting us all the way. WE been trying to control that forum and make sure it stay techie. but since the Admin of G4 is du*bass about anything abd let chaos get in their way and affect us almost.

NOw in BT, we still in control. i dont mean to rule the forum, i mean to stop making up those stupid post about anything that we can easily ignore like in G4.

But now G4 lose TTV title, so anyone could claim TTV title and revamp it back to the old TTV way which that i REALLY hope. but im sure Comcast will claim it again

This is our forum, it our community, nothing can stop us

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"Quote the whole d*mn thread"...hehe

That is why this place is better than any other. There may be differences, there may be opinions, attitudes, laughters, smiles, poems, jokes, birthdays, friends, family on any other board, but nothing like this one. I haven't been to many other forums, and honestly, this is where i come for my answers, good times, just to say hello, and hear the support that thrives vicariously through each and every thread. We all talk, we all enjoy, we all butt-heads from time to time, we all have a difference of opinions and do things differently, but of all the other places i have been, this is the only forum, seriously, that respect the people who run it, the people who use it, and the people who join because of it. This may sound like "butter on bread," but the simple fact is why go somewhere you can be ridiculed when you can come here and be supported...

As many have said before, and the many to come, Thank you, and not just to the mods, but everyone who has the audacity to be the differ.

"You can always tell someone about your dreams, but the way you share them, makes them true!"dw'06

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We all talk, we all enjoy, we all butt-heads from time to time, we all have a difference of opinions and do things differently, but of all the other places i have been, this is the only forum, seriously, that respect the people who run it, the people who use it, and the people who join because of it.

It because we know each other, we just like family. Keith, Sultan, CHappy, Mlegg, Pete and other is part my family and now Jsky, IEatharddrive, naming is hard, Liz, Jeff and other is a new family that really part of it.

We form this own community for one purpose, to help. for a year, this community has formed into family. That is really important

In my Deaf culture, it really different than hearing culture. every piece of friend is a family, that guy is my "brother", that girl is my "mom", even 20 years old friend is my "grandpa". Deaf Culture is a very powerful community. we learn education from social. it proven that Deaf learn more education from socially than schooling. we feed other words, we know what we talking about, we finish each other words. that why Deaf Culture is part of me, and very very deep rooted to it. Often i told my hearing friend to meet my Dad, but it my 19 years old friend. they just dont understand how my culture works. it just different to them. all they need to do is to learn from it, how we do it, how we form that relationship.

BT really show a best forum with best family. You the best, guy and gals. love ya all :thumbsup: ooo i better stop crying. *sniff* *wipe off the tears*

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I agree every since 8/16 and the lighting of rules cfh(tech support) forums at g4 forums has gone down hill

There has been squabbling between leoville(who came over thinking that the forum was to chat about the show) and tech support people, I have been caught in the fire when someone from here and g4 called me a troll for trying to keep the forum tech support after cfh goes off the air

IMHO I don’t think the g4 forums will be up for much longer. I heard from a mod there that the g4 hire ups don’t really care about the forums so when this rumored channel name change happens they might drop the forums like a bad habit

BTW mlegg is still there at g4 , I will PM him and see if he will give some info here :thumbsup:

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"Links to porn/adult crap ok as long as identified as such"

What??? Why would you ever want to link to porn on a website where kids can view it. What is wrong with them. I used to be a avid member of the CTF boards but soon after the merger I lost interest. I want to thank Sultan_emerr who introduced me to these boards.

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Look, I do not like the rules as they changed 6 months ago or so at all.

The admins have changed a lot of views on what we are to do there. Most of the mods still there do ask

around to other mods, Sr mods or admins what to do in any given situation. Some need that as they cannot seem to think on their own anyways, I will not mention names as I am better than that, but I know Pete and Chappy can read my mind.

I am sort of a renegade and pay little mind to what the admins want us to be like now, and it is one major

reason when they promoted most mods to Sr status that I was overpassed. I never had intentions on becoming one but to see people who are on very little, look over 1 forum get it, well it shows what they

are thinking/or not.

Of all the admins in there, I trust one as she has never been anything but open and honest with me and helped me out anytime I may have needed it. This is kanoe, so you know, she is a great person and caught between a rock and a hard place this last year there.

I have stayed there at G4 bcuz there are a few shows I do like, and I would rather myself stay on as a mod since I still have global status can take care of issues that would drive me nuts to see others wait and ask about.

Future there? Hell I don't know what will happen tomorrow ..................

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well i am one of the ones that was on the TTV boards, and then went to the G4 boards.

i have noticed a change from theway it was when Casey Q was incharge of the TTV boards.

but as we have all realized, then end of tech shows on G4 was going to be short lived.

i will still aid in help when i can on what ever tech support or tech help board they have.

i will also come here and help and pass on a few jokes i get from my mom that she forwards to me.

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As many of you know, I am still a member over there (not banned yet though I think it has probably been considered a few times...Ha!)

I don't know if I can explain all my reasons for continuing to go there.

I guess #1 would be Just Plain Stubborness!!! I refuse to give up the idea of it being a tech board, until I am kicked out the door of the last shreds of a tech board I wont give up that it should be one. So just plain stubborn.

#2, Also more of the same as #1, I refuse to let the nasty foul mouthed, dirty gutter stuff, deter me from trying, in however feeble a way I can, to help people and do it in a respectful, caring manner and of course adding my God bless everyone as my usual sign off. I am staking my ground, holding it, and not letting it go. Just because some ditzyheaded morons at top of the G$ food chain decided to delete the rules of order doesn't mean I will relinquish my responsibility to be respectful or not apply my own rules of conduct.

I occasionally will take on people who are not treating others right, or with respect, especially if they are in authority over the rest of us. But that is scary for me to take on someone in authority. So like the last time I did that (recently), I came over here to find family to reassure me, and calm me down. In other words, I returned to family here to patch me up, so I could return to the battlezone there and the job that needs doing over there.

So as I said, I am just plain stubborn and not willing to let them drive the board into the ground without a fight from me. Sure all my posts are just a drop in the bucket, compared to the bad stuff. But I do know it is appreciated, because I get PMs thanking me for my efforts. There are people there that don't know other places to go, who don't have a clue of what to do to get their computer fixed. I try to help them, or steer them to the right stickies for help, or PM someone else to check their thread out - though that has been less then successful most times, also have PM'd them to come over here for a friendly helpful board.

#3 is a selfish reason really, I learn from the good computer information given there. It (cfh) is a very active board, and I have so much to learn, so that is one of my places to do it. Not the safest place, but I know who (and in what moods) to trust.... I hope!!! :rolleyes:

And #4 is I like to see how and what some of the good people are doing, that don't post often here. So I am nosey about keeping track of people. :rolleyes:

And #5, to back up others if needed when they fight the good fight to keep that board on track.

Lastly I'd like to say, if more of the good people, especially those who have pretty much given up on that board, went back and stood for what is right, helped others and did respectful posts, then the board mood/attitude would improve. Not the diehard brats or the ones who want it to be a slumboard probably wouldn't stop, but the rest of us could turn the place back to at least semi-civil, maybe even better.

Good always overcomes evil, and it will there too if good people don't lower their own standards of behaviour to match the slumrats. Sure I can understand blowing up at times at some of the garbage stuff, but not in same kind of language as they do. Don't allow yourselves to be cheapened by what someone else has said or done. Sure come against it, but don't allow yourself to become like them not even for a moment.

So folks, keep on doing what's right, keep on keeping, thank God for BestTechie's, and elsewhere.


God bless everyone.

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I sometimes post in G4, mostly in the Off Topic section, but, I don't go there very much anymore. I found that when they took the language filters off-line the forum lost control. I respect the right of G4 to run the forums as they see fit, but, I think the current set-up isn't working imho.

BT is my home.

I am happy that people from G4 and other forums are choosing to post here.

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I quit posting at G$ CFH shortly after the shutdown scare. I'd check from time to time but notice it was going to crap. I'd kinda noticed that before the scare. I guess I'm still a memeber but I haen't logged on since sometime like late august early september. I Say there should a new TV channel like TTV and invite people we liked from old TTV shows and create shows like they were on, like getting Yoshi and Kevin Rose or some others back for a TSS like show. I miss tech, don't ya'll. Being a 17 year old techie that owns no new gaming consoles i find the G$ sucks. I like tuners and other car stuff but that whipset stuff is pure crap. I say the whole channel is goin down within a couple of years.

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well those old people like kevin rose and Leo Laporte are making free tech shows online. This week in tech is one of the most popular ones. So is Diggnation (Both are podcasts and diggnation has video)

I listen to them every week and am loving it. I actually find it somewhat better then TTV. No commercials :). Only down side is that I only get one of each a week.

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