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sup peeps

well here's my "problem". Right now, I have intergrated sound on my system with some crappy 7 year old speakers (literally). So..I was thinking of buying new speakers (this one and I was wondering, would i see any big improvement if I buy a sound card? this one ?

My current system specs are:

windows xp home

80 gig HD

Intrgrated Video (bought a video card last thursday)

Intragrated sound

*eMachine t2682*

I'm prolly gonna wait like January to buy it, cause now Shipping is outragous on most websites like newegg, zipzoomfly, and tigerdirect.

I dont know much about sound cards, but anyone recomand me a good one under 35 dollars?

I was reading some reviewes on the speakers in newegg, and wow, lots of problems.

Can Yall recomand any other speakers under 55 dollars?


Let me sumarize my questions.

1. Is a sound card worth it?

2. Whats a good PCI sound card under 35 dollars.

3. Whats a good speaker set (inluding subwoofer) under 55 dollars.

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I have those speakers, they ain't bad but I do kinda miss my Z-640's. X-530's have simplified use but i think my Z-640's had better bass. I wish they didn't die. They don't sell them anywhere anymore. The card is Creative. Can't go wrong with them. That new stup will be LOADS better. IEatHardDrives is right. A card will boost performance. When I played BF1942 on integrated, every explosion there was slowdown, with a card it played fine.

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