Which Video Card To Choose?

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ok, i want to get a 6600GT or a 6800...im not sure which is better...it hasto be AGP ...the main reason i am upgrading is to play BF2 (along with others) but i found this on a BF2 site (not EA sponsered)

Video Cards

Battlefield 2 only supports the following video cards:-

Radeon X700 (PCIe)

Radeon X600 (PCIe)

GeForce 6600 (PCIe)

GeForce PCX 5900 (PCIe)

GeForce 5800 Series (AGP)

ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition

ATI Radeon X800 PRO

ATI Radeon 9800 Series

ATI Radeon 9600 Series

ATI Radeon 9550 (RV350LX)

ATI Radeon 9500 / 9700 Series

ATI Radeon 8500 Series

ATI Radeon X300 Series

NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra

NVidia GeForce 6800 GT

NVidia GeForce 6800

NVidia GeForce FX 5950 Series

NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Series

NVidia GeForce FX 5700 Series

now the 6600GT isent on there, except PCIe,so does that mean it wont work if i get the AGP version? or...what...im a little confused

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The 6800 Is better than the 6600GT.

BF2 will run with the 6600GT. The video cards you listed are the recomended

specs, NOT the minimum.

well i am currently lookin at specs from the 6800 and the 6600GT from newegg and it seems to me that the 6600GT has overall greater specs and max than the 6800, so i am at a loss

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you can't just look at clock speeds, you have to look at pixel pipelines and shader pipelines too.

6600GT 500MHz core clock with 8pixel pipelines GDDR3 Memory

6800 325MHZ core with 12 PP's DDR

though technically according to my calculations the 6600gt should be 2.5% more powerful and the memory is 22% faster , but the 6800 is part of the 6800 line thus it supports features the 6600gt does not. Really there isn't that big of a difference so save a couple bucks and go with the 6600GT. BF2 plays fine. i use an AGP8X eVGA e-GeForce 6600GT myself. I run the game in Medium with no probs.

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I dont know th extra four Pixel Pipes do make quite a difference, also the 6800 has new shader technology, very cool

The 4 extra pixel pipelines are probaly the biggest difference between the 2 cards.

If you can I would go for the XFX 6800 or the eVGA 6800.

Get the Ulra edition if you can.

But don't get the LE or Limited Edition.

The LE is much worse then the original and I don't even think that it is made anymore.

That is the point of the LE.

Go for the 256mb version also. <If you can afford it.

How big is your power supply.

If it is 250W or smaller then it might not run the card anyway.

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the 6800GT and Ultra are discontinued and far more expensive than the regular 6800. I think those models are out of his budget. I wish nVidia would be friendlier to the AGP users and offer the 6800GS for AGP which though is slightly weaker than the GT it has support for newer technologies and gets higher marks in benchmarks. It's also way cheaper (that's why they discontinued the GT and Ultra). I can't figure out why they decided not to make AGP versions.

* Update- eVGA has released an AGP 6800GS. There's hope for system yet.

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