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Hi Everyone,

I just recently added a new feature to BT it's BestTechie Radio! Now you may have a few questions, probably the biggest question is "What type of music will be played?" Well, there's no one answer for that I like all different kinds of music, mostly it'll be Alternative, Punk, Rock, Classic Rock, and some other stuff. I'd like you all to check it out, I'll be taking request for any bands you all may like so I can add them to my collection and play them in future shoutcasts. This is something new I will playing with, and maybe eventually we can get a schedule worked out. But for now, I'll let you know when it's playing.

The details for the stream/shoutcast are here: <-- go there, or copy that url into Winamp or any media player should work, click Open URL or Play URL and enter that, then it should play. It's streaming right now as of 5:20PM Eastern Time (USA). Feel free to come and listen. If you can't connect or you get lots of buffering it's probably due to the fact many people are trying to connect and listen. Keep in mind the connection this is using is my home cable connection. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


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