Il_wiccan...where Are You...?

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Wasn't he having trouble with his contractor and his new house?

Did that ever get resolved? He might be still fixing some things.

Hope he is OK.

Barb B)

Contractors? New house?

We won't see that poor guy for months!

I'm STILL recovering just from a new kitchen.

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I too would like to hear from him.

Hope all is alright with our old friend.

Anyone know if Il is a Reverend in the Pagan community? I thought I had his email, but the most likely is a Reverend (and no it aint Preston, I have his email too and this aint it.)

I know I have his email, but can't remember his name.

Does it start with G or J?

Should have checked the email address inside; Should have know that he is the person with several which start with Ilwiccan.

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I'm gonna drop him an email with the addy he registered with. This is not like Il at all to be MIA this long, and another thing...I haven't heard from Marsh either, and he usually mails me once a week or so.

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every now and then il_goes for [as we say down


a walkabout.

the last time he went missing

someone died i the family.

perhaps tymekeller

knows, because they keep in touch.

marsh also rings him often.

he also hasent posted foe some time

so they both maybe on a walkabout.

hope they turn up soon

it is worring when we dont hear from them.


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  • 2 weeks later...

K...I am officially very worried about our buddy Il_Wiccan now, this is not like him at all to just drop out of sight like this.

If ANYONE has any word on Il, I would really appreciate hearing from you!! I have lost his main email addy, and he hasn't replied from the one I used above.

If he's just tired of posting...that's fine, but I need to know he's OK at least, so please if you have info on him, I'd like to hear from you.

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Pete, his real name is Gary. Marsh gave me his phone # a few weeks ago, but it was disconnected.

Marsh thinks probably due to the new house and all the problems there.

I will look into his profile and send it to you Chappy in a PM here.

Mainly as I do not like puttin an email on a forum board.

From his profile at G4: Last Visited On: Saturday November 19, 2005 5:01 PM

take care all


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i_L has done this walkabout thing

on us before

i think last time some one in his family passed away

we made about 50 posts at g4

asking for him.

and bingo he posted right in the middle of the thread.

god it was a relief to hear from him.

so i hope he is ok this time

thyme keller keeps in touch with him

and he gave me his email address.

but i think i_L has changed it since then

ive hunted for that temail address

for several days

but dammed if i can find it

actually i didnt think ide need to use it

so i forgot about it

maybe chappy or pete

will come up with some thing.


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I emailed il and got no reply. Marsh and I tried calling but his number is no longer in service. I checked the obits in his area and he wasn't listed. I think he is just taking a break like he did last year. He also said he was going to travel and visit friends a couple of months ago.

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now that you mention travel TT , I think the last time I was talking with him he did mention something about that

probably cuz the house stuff was driving him nuts, and I was hoping I didn't copy his phone wrong last time, but since you found disconnected I must have had his right #.

Now time to track down Marsh and see what he knows.

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