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There was a little boy whose mother was about to have a baby.

One day the little boy walked in and saw his mother naked,

he asked his mother what was the hair in between her legs?

She responded, "it's my wash cloth".

Weeks later after the mother had the baby, the young boy

walked in on his mother again, but while she was in the

hospital the doctor shaved her pubic hair, and the boy

asked his mother "what happened to your washcloth?"

The mother responded, "I lost it". The little boy trying to

be helpful set out to find his mother's washcloth. A few

days later the little boy went running to his mother

yelling and screaming I found your washcloth, the mother

thinking that the child was just playing went along with

the boy and asked where did you find it. The boy answered

the maid has it she is washing daddy's face with it.


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Washcloths are used for many different things, including bathing and cleaning dishes. They can be used ikat fabric for everything from bathing babies to cleaning up after dinner or after working out. Washcloths are also very useful if you have a baby that needs to be cleaned up after a diaper change or if you simply want to give your face a good scrubbing before bedtime.

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