Dreamcast Is Back!

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im serious people, my all time favorite Dreamcast is BACK! but it only release to japan. now this year is a right time for Sega to rejoin the gaming market. So here the site, http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000790071989/

many people predict that Dreamcast will outsell Xbox 360

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Do you know the reason why Dreamcast is out in the past?

It not PS2. it that Sega dont market DC properly. their technology of DC is too advanced in that time, that why many people love DC because of the grahpic, the grahpic is the same as Xbox 360, im not kidding

Хboх 360 System Performance - Draft

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each

2 hardware threads per core; 6 hardware threads total

1 VMX-128 vector unit per core; 3 total

128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread

1 MB L2 cache

CPU Game Math Performance 9 billion dot product operations per second

Custom ATI Graphics Processor 500 MHz

10 MB embedded DRAM

48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines

Unified shader architecture

Polygon Performance 500 million triangles per second

Pixel Fill Rate 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X MSAA

Shader Performance 48 billion shader operations per second

Memory 512 MB GDDR3 RAM

700 MHz DDR

Unified memory architecture

Memory Bandwidth 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth

256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM

21.6 GB/s front-side bus

Overall System Floating-Point Performance 1 TFLOP

Storage Detachable and upgradeable 20 GB hard drive

12X dual-layer DVD-ROM

Memory unit support starting at 64 MB

I/O Support for up to 4 wireless game controllers

3 USB 2.0 ports

2 memory unit slots

Optimized for Online Instant, out-of-the-box access to Xbox Live features, including Xbox Live Marketplace for downloadable content, Gamer Profile for digital identity and voice chat to talk to friends while playing games, watching movies or listening to music

Built in Ethernet Port

Wi-Fi Ready: 802.11 A, B and G

Video Camera Ready

Digital Media Support Support for DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 CD, JPEG Photo CD

Stream media from portable music devices, digital cameras, Windows XP PCs

Rip music to Xbox 360 hard drive

Custom playlists in every game

Windows Media Center Extender built in

Interactive, full screen 3D visualizers

HD Game Support All games supported at 16:9, 720p and 1080i, anti-aliasing

Standard definition and high definition video output supported

Audio Multichannel surround sound output

Supports 48 KHz 16-bit audio

320 independent decompression channels

32-bit audio processing

Over 256 audio channels

System Orientation Stands vertically or horizontally

Customizable Face Plates Interchangeable to personalize the console

360 Specs

Dreamcast Specs

Processor Hitachi SH-4 running at 200 Mhz.

360 MIPS

Memory 16MB main RAM

Display 8MB video RAM. 3 million polygons/second peak rendering rate . Perspective-Correct Texture Mapping. Point, Bilinear, Trilinear and Anisotropic Mip-map filtering. Gouraud shading. z-buffer. Colored light sourcing. Full scene anti-aliasing. Hardware-based Fog

Bump mapping. 16.77 million colors.

Hardware-based texture compression

Shadow and Light volumes. Super sampling

Sound 2MB sound RAM.

32bit RISC CPU. DSP for real-time effects. 64 sound channels. Full 3D sound support. Hardware-based audio compression.

Ports 4 controller ports.

Built-in 56kbps modem

Built-in high-speed expansion ports


I can understand the thrill of some of the games on DC, but you can't compare graphics, or specs...SRY

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On Nintendo and N64 I liked the Zelda and Starfox(only for N64) games...

And Goldeneye on the 64 was the best 1st-person shooter...until halo...i loved wasting time inside these games!

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