"wanted One Chinawht"

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another member missing in action latley is chinawht . usually chinawht keeps in contact with me or hitest but we haven't herd from in several weeks. last we herd was in the hospital and had trouble typing. no replys to private emails.

I'm not much for religion but I'd like to give a prayer out to her and

(macmarauder opens up his big bag of chi)

here's some more good chi for chinawht.

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Yeah, I miss chinawht a lot. I haven't heard from her in a long time. I'm worried.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you tonight, chinawht. Get well and recover please. My buddy, macmarauder, and I miss your sunny smile. I hope to hear from you soon my friend. Take it easy, chinawht.

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I am worried about her as well.

Haven't heard from her since a PM she sent me on another board, while we were on vacation, Sept 20th I think. She was in the hospital at that time. She hasn't answered my PMs either.

Get well soon Chinawht, and come back to the boards when you feel up to it my friend. We miss you alot.

May God heal and bless her, and everyone.

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