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Liz, the map is world wide. Right now, I have it set to default at N America because that makes it easier to view at the moment with just N american members. Yes, once others sign up, ill widen the scope. right now, you can do that manually by adjusting the view using the + - bar on the left.


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Great and thanks! I played around with the "thermometer" at a Google map once and got lost in Greenland, so I didn't mess around with your map :D Hope to see a worldwide attendance soon (which means, Marty and Pierce, get over there!)


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Hey, Matt, (or Jeff, when you get back from Florida, which makes me very jealous, by the way) do you think it would be possible to have this map put in a more prominent place, like maybe up top in the Banner by "Live Chat! Help Search Members Calendar" or somewhere? Don't want to get this nifty gadget lost.


Excellent idea Liz... :thumbsup:

Matt....hopefully you and Jeff can work it in somehow if it can be done.. :thumbsup:

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