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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Roasting a 25 pounder tommorrow.

Remember, cranberry sauce is a sauce, not a dessert. You warm it up and use it to pour over the turkey just like you put apple sauce on a pork roast.

Gravy is made from pan drippings and served on rice or potatoes.

This being the south, it is cornbread dressing. Dressing replaced the term stuffing when the British decided that stuffing had to much of a sexual connotation.

OL wants to go shopping so I probably have to go.

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We dip our pieces of pork roast in cold applesauce ;) And glad to see someone else in the world who has applesauce with pork!

Probably won't be online much for the next few days, but wanted to wish everyone a blessed, safe, and happy Thanksgiving.


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Who's going to try it for us? Hope all have a nice day with family, friends, football, and food. Guess you need to throw in a late afternoon nap to top it off.

I do that but use a beer keg with one end cut off. I clear a spot in the yard and drive a stainless steel rod into the ground. I slide the turkey down on the rod and insert a can of lager inside it. I then place the beer keg down over the turkey and spread bag of charcoal around the base of the keg. When the charcoal is finished burning itself out the turkey is done. It has a nice smoky flavor and is quite moist.

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A traditional side dish in my family. Candied sweet potatoes, made with orange juice, brown sugar, walnuts, and whole cranberries. Yummmmm!

Have a blessed holiday. We all have something to be thankfull for. However small it may be.

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